Losing weight in the winter is easy! But how?


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Losing weight in the winter is easy! But how?

We like to be wrapped in a blanket in the winter! Forgetting diet and exercise, many people are seen feasting on pitha and wedding invitations. However, it is good to know that you can easily lose weight during this time. Today's feature is for those who are thinking about fitness and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle by losing excess weight. Let's learn some easy ways to lose weight this winter.

An easy way to lose weight in the winter

Include fresh vegetables in the diet.

There are hardly any vegetables in our country that are not available in the winter. Vegetables can be cooked in different ways; vegetable pakoras with less oil, vegetables with chicken, and soups will help you maintain a healthy diet. Oats, vegetable chapati, vegetarian curries, and salads will fill your stomach easily. By eating more vegetables, you get various nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. They are also very helpful in getting rid of constipation.

Some vegetables, like tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, turnips, lettuce, cucumber, and radish, can be eaten as salad or lightly boiled. They contain various vitamins, fiber, and nutrients. Besides being low in calories, it helps in losing weight quickly. Also, keep fresh seasonal fruit juice in your regular diet chart.

Start exercising.

For those who find the heat an excuse not to walk or exercise, winter is the perfect time. Fatigue will be reduced even after prolonged exercise. And it feels good to walk in this season. So you can use this time to do walking, skipping, exercise, and physical activity to lose weight.

Drink detox water.

Here is another easy way to lose weight in the winter. At this time, you can drink detox water made of light yellow hot water. In addition to increasing fat burning capacity, the body metabolism will be first, the body will be properly detoxified, and the level of blood supply will also be correct. A combination of mild turmeric and warm water with lemon slices, mint leaves, and ginger juice will work as a good detox.

Fix the sleep cycle

Proper and moderate sleep helps with weight loss. As the night is long in winter, one goes to bed early and sleeps for 7-8 hours. This sleep cycle plays an important role in weight loss. Waking up at night naturally makes you feel hungry, while snacking or eating unhealthy food can lead to rapid weight gain. So those who want to start their fitness journey should keep their sleeping pattern right.

Note some things.

Also, drink water before eating, eat small meals frequently, and eat low-calorie foods when hungry: nuts, popcorn, chicken soup, and steamed vegetables. Avoiding sugar, excess carbs, eating dinner early at night, staying hydrated, not going to bed right after eating, etc. will help you stay healthy and lose weight.

So far today. As you can see, winter is the perfect time for those who are thinking about losing weight. Balancing these three things—sleep, food, and exercise—is very important to control weight and lead a healthy life. Wishing everyone good health, I am ending here today. stay well.

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Written by: Nutritionist Sadia Israt Smriti, Sirajul Islam Medical College Hospital

Photo: Sutterstock

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