Most important reasons for not sleeping. What's the solution?


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A perfectly healthy person should sleep 7-9 hours a day. Individuals' age, physical performance, and lifestyle may vary. Especially for children and the elderly, this amount of time is advanced.

10 important ons for not sleeping.

1. Healthy Mind: Good sleep is important for mental health; it refreshes and rejuvenates itself. 

2. Physical Health: Healthy sleep prevents and builds physical diseases. 

3. Stamina for a task: A good sleep also makes it easier to increase the stamina for a task. 

4. Memory and Performance: Good sleep helps improve memory and performance. 

5. Long-term physical health: Good sleep is important for reducing the risk of internal diseases.

6. Rebuilding Human Bones: Good sleep facilitates the rebuilding of health-related problems in human bones.

7. Improved Health: Sleep improves physical health, which increases health.

8. Gender Equality: Better sleep helps increase gender equality.

9. Regenerative Perspective: Good Sleep A regenerative perspective helps a lot.

10. Prevention of blood pressure and heart disease: Good sleep keeps blood pressure under control and reduces the risk of heart disease.

A doctor should be consulted to determine which of these causes is predominant.

More important 6 reasons for not sleeping

1. **Mental Assault:**
Inability to sleep at night due to mental thoughts, worries, or mental agitation.

2. **Physical Problems:**
Physical problems can also cause sleeplessness at night, such as shortness of breath, burning in the night, etc.

3. **Not Accepting Personal Standard Time:**
Especially in modern life, due to the use of related posts, TV, mobile, and electronic devices at night, sleep time can be lost repeatedly.

4. Employment or horn problem: If used for tasks necessary for the day, it may cause sleeplessness at night. 

5. Errors and Volatility: Mistakes or variations can cause sleepless nights. 

6. Physical or Mental Disease: Some physical or mental diseases can cause sleeplessness at night.

What's the solution?

A regular and healthy lifestyle is important for good sleep. Being active, caring during the day, connecting with the sunrise in the morning, and being comforted are conducive to good sleep.


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